Immerse your indoor or outdoor space in elegance with the Montpellier table base featuring a splendidly executed design, characterised by a recurring circular theme. Crafted from cast iron, this base boasts a timeless black finish, enhancing the sophistication of any room it graces. The thoughtfully integrated circular motifs not only contribute to a visually appealing aesthetic but also add a touch of artistry to this versatile piece, making it a captivating and refined addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

Table Sizes with stone or glass tops:

60cm dia
65cm dia (Stone only)
70cm dia
75cm dia (Stone only)
80cm dia
90cm dia
100cm dia
60x60cm sq
Stool 60cm dia
Stool 65cm dia (Stone only)
Stool 70cm dia
Stool 75cm dia (Stone only)

Table Height: 76.3cm

The height for the tables is listed with a stone top.

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