Bespoke Table tops for restaurants, hotels, cafes, offices and interior and exterior use. We have access to all sorts of materials within the stone spectrum and manufacture customised sizes. Below are our stock materials.

Contract use

Manufactured in our factory in Worcester using only natural materials

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With nearly 30 years of experience, HND is the leading manufacturer of stone topped tables in the UK, and supply tables, chairs and stools for the domestic retail market.

In addition, we manufacture tops for the leisure contract market, supplying tops as components to furniture providers throughout the UK. We also work with specialist manufacturers of furniture who offer bespoke one-off furniture to the world market.

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Granite is volcanic magma which has been pushed through the Earth’s crust and is one of the hardest natural materials in use. These are several hundreds of millions of years old and more.



The ‘Marble’ look is very popular and our stock materials cover the most popular of these. Marble has been used in furniture for centuries. Whilst not quite as dense as Granite, it offers robust performance.

Manufactured Quartz

Manufactured Quartz is made from natural quartz, the second most prolific mineral on this planet. This is ground down to dust sized particles and is glued back together with pigments and other things such as mirror chips. This is a good performing material with similar properties to granite.


Quartzites were formed millions of years ago with enormous heat and pressure. True quartzites are as hard or harder than granite but have a marble look with granite performance and are increasing in popularity and use.


Terrazzos are marble chippings in a cement mix – 70% marble, 30% cement. They perform like marble but are a bit more porous than marble. With new colours, they are becoming more fashionable.

Counter Sinking & Core Drilling

Introducing our specialised Counter Sinking & Core Drilling service for tabletops, designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of your surfaces.


Core Drilling@2x
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Edge Profile

Choose from a variety of profiles to suit your style and needs, whether you prefer the classic elegance of a under chamfer edge, the sleek simplicity of a straight edge, or the ornate charm of a bullnose edge. Each profile is expertly crafted to enhance the visual appeal of your tabletops while providing a smooth and polished finish.


Metal Edging

All straight edge metal edging is 40mm deep and is available in a wide variety of metals finishes to order and are fitted to our tops. These rings have a join line. The ribbed edging is 30mm deep and is made in France by one of the longest established companies in this part of the industry and is available in polished and brushed brass and polished and brushed stainless steel. These are braised and and do not have a join line.

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Rounded Ribbed 3


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